About Us

A Brief Introduction and History of MOOTA Brand 

In the mid-2017 (Solar HIJRI calendar), after thorough analysis, research, and sufficient understanding of the tool industry in IRAN, we conceived the idea of introducing a new brand. This brand was envisioned to embody a pleasant name and competitive quality akin to European products from the outset. To achieve this goal, we analyzed European products and entered the IRANIAN tool market based on their standards. Subsequently, in pursuit of incorporating the latest production technologies, we transferred our manufacturing to China and supplied our products in IRAN.

Choosing a suitable name for our brand was one of our major concerns. After about six months of exploration and examination, we arrived at the name “MOOTA.” While bearing a superficial resemblance to “Drill Bits” in appearance, the word conveyed a profound meaning. MOOTA was the name of a prominent leader in the DILAM region who rendered many services for IRAN. The name “MOOTA” and the capabilities of our products led us to a slogan by which our supporters recognize MOOTA:

“MOOTA, the Experienced Warrior.”

We perceive the MOOTA brand as being at the beginning of its journey and strive to continuously improve the quality of our products in order to compete with leading global brands. We have placed relentless effort at the forefront of our work to deliver reliable products to our audience and achieve your satisfaction.